Medical support IN LATVIA

When you stay in a foreign country, you may have a lot of questions about medical assistance. Medtour Clinic specialists will always help you find answers to these questions. Our clinic has developed a special assistance programme for the nationals of other countries — VIP Medical Club.

We offer you a full medical support, special attitude to every member of our club and constant care for you and your family.

Various therapeutic programmes with the duration from 1 day to 1 year have been developed for VIP Medical Club customers. Your individual consultant will always help you choose the most suitable medical assistance programme depending on your needs: 

  1. Medical support of various levels (2-12 months)
  2. Necessary help at home
  3. Specialised Check-up programmes
  4. Specialised diagnostics and treatment programmes in day care unit
  5. Home nursing and medical services for children
  6. Prenatal and postnatal care


You can entrust us with prenatal care, care of your baby and people of advanced age. We all take care of our health in different ways. But, there is one person in every family who takes responsibility for his/her own health and the health of his/her loved ones.

When can you be sure of their well-being? When you know that professional help can be ensured just by a phone call, when care is provided by highly qualified experts, when you have an entire clinic at your disposal.