Check-up is a detailed examination of your body.

Check-up is a programme for busy modern people who consider time to be a very valuable and expensive resource.

Modern check-up diagnostics helps: 

  • diagnose a disease at an early stage,
  • monitor your health.

We offer:

Our clinical laboratory performs such unique tests as tests for food intolerance, markers of bone system health, liver, heart, gastrointestinal tract, predisposition to alcohol addiction, which is not available in any European or American clinic.
All examinations are performed in our day care facility, from 8:00 to 16:00, and will take no more than 1-3 days.
We perform examinations using the latest magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasound and X-ray equipment of the best manufacturers (GE, Philips, Siemens).
The most important factor — we employ some of the best specialists in Europe.

If surgeons have “gifted hands”, the most important tool for radiologists is their eyes. You cannot miss even a small spot or dash — it is very important! 
Radiologist, prof. Ardis Platkājis 


Diagnostics Check-up
Service EUR
Check-Up — cardiologic diagnostics 220.00
Check-Up PREMIUM+ for men 315.00
Check-Up PREMIUM+ for women 335.00
Check-Up pulmonary diagnostics 220.00
Check-Up complete diagnostics TOTAL CARE+ 305.00
Check-Up STANDARD+ for men 230.00
Check-Up STANDARD+ for women 290.00
Check-up GASTRO + 175.00
Check-Up cause of backache 255.00
Check-Up cause of headache 340.00
Check-Up if you feel dizzy 415.00
INDIVIDUAL Check-up Programme 150.00*

*This price is approximate and depend on the medical examinations prescribed to you.