Check-Up pulmonary diagnostics


  • Internist's consultation — the physician needs to conduct visual examination of the patient before basic check-up, check biometric indicators (physical parameters, body mass index, etc.), identify the risk of cardiovascular and respiratory diseases and draw up an examination plan.
  • Full blood count (diagnostics of infections, anaemia, other common diseases of the body);
  • Blood chemistry
    • Blood sugar (glucose level);
    • Blood cholesterol level (total cholesterol and fractions: LDL, HDL, TG) — shows the risk of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases);
    • Liver function assessment — enzymes ASAT, ALAT;
    • Renal function assessment — creatinine (CREA);
  • Complete urine analysis (required to detect the abnormalities of the genitourinary system and other systems of the body);
  • Stool sample with occult blood test. Compulsory examination in order to determine the risk of diseases of the digestive system, including cancer;
  • Lung X-rays (Rtg),  allows detecting the abnormalities of the respiratory system at an early stage. Examination findings are immediately sent to the specialist's monitor, handed out to the patient and can easily be copied to any electronic medium at the patient's request;
  • Ultrasound (US, USG) Duplex scanning of blood vessels of the legs (veins and arteries) with colour dopplerography and spectral analysis  — specialists assess the risks of blood clot formation or the presence of blood clots, as well as the condition of the vessel walls and blood flow rate;
  • Recording and description of the electrocardiogram (ECG) in 12 leads;
  • Bicycle ergometry  (cardiologic examination at physical exertion); Required to determine maximum allowed heart rate when exercising or doing sports;
  • Spirography (assessment of lung function using breath tests);
  • Pulmonologist's consultation  — after all examinations, he conducts a detailed examination to identify the risks of respiratory diseases.
  • Final consultation of the internist, delivery of an excerpt, examination findings and recommendations for treatment and prevention.