The minimally invasive (sparing) methods of intervention are applied by the modern European surgery, especially laparoscopic and endoscopic surgery, laser surgery, cryoablation and radiofrequency ablation.

“Minimally invasive interventional techniques are the gold standard of surgery in Europe” , – explains  Valery Ratobilsky, surgeon-in-chief of Medtour Clinic. 
“Precise modern diagnostics, careful preoperative preparation, advanced minimally invasive surgery, monitoring with intensive drug correction, as well as the early activation of the patient after surgery allow us to significantly reduce the time spent in hospital and the risk of postoperative complications”.


  • ENT surgery (classic and endoscopic surgeries, including surgeries in children and surgeries of nasolacrimal duct)
  • Laparoscopic surgeries (gall bladder and hernia)
  • Laparoscopic and other gynaecological surgeries (hysteroscopy, hysteroresectoscopy)
  • Proctologic surgeries (including THD, Longo, laser surgeries)
  • Urological surgery of multiple types
  • Trauma surgery, orthopaedics, arthroscopy (including the restoration of cruciate ligaments of the knee joint)
  • Removal of benign tumours of the skin and subcutaneous tissue
  • Vein surgeries (laser, radiofrequency surgery, sclerotherapy)
  • Modern laser ophthalmology (painless treatment of glaucoma, retinal diseases, and secondary cataract), classical surgery (glaucoma and cataract removal)


These prices are approximate and subject to the selected type of procedure and additional payments for materials used.

Abdominal surgery Service
Service EUR
Laparoscopic plastic surgery of diaphragmatic hernia 800.00
Classical plastic surgery of anterior abdominal wall hernia 315.00
Diagnostic laparoscopy 500.00
Abdominoplasty 1650.00
Laparoscopic cholecystectomy 420.00
Laparoscopic plastic surgery of anterior abdominal wall hernia 392.00
Laparoscopic appendectomy 615.00
Surgical removal of benign subcutaneous and dermal neoplasms 60.00
Additional payment for biodegradable net fixation devices 400.00
Additional payment for implanted net 5-10 cm 60.00
ENT surgeries Service
Service EUR
Tonsillectomy 192.00
Surgeries in the nasal cavity (local anaesthesia) 99.00
Adenoidectomy 178.00
Surgical treatment of benign neoplasms of the neck 235.00
Plastic and reconstructive surgeries of the nose 306.00
Surgeries to correct deformed nasal septum 330.00
Endoscopic surgeries of paranasal sinuses 242.00
Surgery to eliminate snoring (uvuloplasty) (excluding the prosthesis price) 250.00
Gynaecologic surgeries Service
Service EUR
Abrasion of the uterine cavity (for diagnostics or treatment) 120.00
Legal abortion with complicated gynaecological history 135.00
Legal abortion after 7 weeks 130.00
Legal abortion at 5-7 weeks 95.00
Removal of Bartholin cyst 180.00
Hysteroresectoscopy 250.00
Hysteroscopy 140.00
Diagnostic gynaecological laparoscopy 510.00
Laparoscopic examination of uterine tubes patency 540.00
Laparoscopic surgery of uterine adnexa 630.00
Laparoscopic adhesiotomy in the lesser pelvis 670.00
Ophthalmic surgeries Service
Service EUR
Surgical removal of neoplasms on the eyelids and conjunctiva 121.00
Surgical removal of chalazion 85.00
Removal of lacrimal sac 100.00
Surgical treatment of cataract (1 eye) 645.00
Surgical treatment of glaucoma (1 eye) 400.00
Orthopaedic surgeries Service
Service EUR
Arthroscopic shoulder joint surgery 555.00
Arthroscopic knee joint surgery 410.00
Removal of metal structures after osteosynthesis 360.00
Foot surgeries (Hallux Valgus)(excluding the cost of implants) 398.00
Additional payment for implants and other materials used during arthroscopy 115.00
Surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome 192.00
Proctologic surgeries Service
Service EUR
Surgical removal of haemorrhoid applying THD method 605.00
Surgical haemorrhoid removal according to Longo method 750.00
Classical surgical haemorrhoid removal 355.00
Excision of pilonidal fistula and cyst 250.00
Surgical treatment of anal fissures 200.00
Proctologic plastic surgeries 750.00
Haemorrhoidal bolus ligation using latex rings 135.00
Ablation or excision of polyps or condylomas 72.00
Surgeries of veins and blood vessels Service
Service EUR
Classic phlebectomy 285.00
Radiofrequency vein obliteration 750.00
Laser surgeries of the veins 685.00
Sclerotherapy 50.00
Urologic surgeries Service
Service EUR
Circumcision 220.00
Surgical treatment of hydrocele or spermatocele 250.00
Surgical treatment of cryptorchidism 215.00
Retrosymphysial fixing of urethra and neck of the urinary bladder 606.00
Ablation of urinary bladder polyp 114.00
Surgical treatment of varicocele 220.00